About Us

The Raven Corps is a youth-led collective liberation movement and nonprofit organization for activists of all ages. We're currently leading a campaign, Operation: Mind Over Milk, to raise public awareness about the horrors of the dairy industry and increase access to student, animal, and climate-friendly plant milk in the over 100,000 US schools that participate in The National School Lunch Program.

Raven Corps “Nice” Crispy Treats are delicious Vegan and gluten-free marshmallow bars we make in small batches and sell at small businesses throughout Portland, Oregon and online. They're just like the time-honored classics you know and love, minus the gross animal parts and secretions, and on a full-fledged MISSION to raise awareness about Operation: Mind Over Milk and how folks can join the fight against Big Dairy. 

In addition to selling our Classic Nice Crispy Treats year-round, we also launch fun, delicious limited edition flavors every few months. Each limited edition flavor has a “Street Treat”, a mascot in Treat form, who goes on all sorts of Operation: Mind Over Milk activism adventures. Make sure to follow us @ravencorpstreats to stay up to date with the Street Treats! 

Thanks for supporting The Raven Corps by treating yourself. Activism never tasted so sweet.